We were given the opportunity to work with Sarah for 12 weeks.  
Throughout our journey Sarah demonstrated over and over again her knowledge, her beliefs, her strength and her compassion for not only us but all of her clients.  She recognizes everyone is different but knows we can all have the results we want.  Sarah is creative and ensures that while you may be sweating, not very happy with her and completely sore, that every time you see her, it is full of laughter, encouragement and accomplishments.  

We were the winners of the BFF 5 Challenge and as we know, our hard work got us there, but this would not have been accomplished without an amazing coach and now someone we call a friend, Sarah Doub.

Something we have learned from this experience is that Sarah always believed in us and now we do too by meeting out first goal and continuing on with confidence. Thanks Sarah! 
                                                                                                                                Amanda & Heather

"After 6 months of private training, I lost 30 lbs, gained muscle mass and strength and felt better than I had in years."


I hold a Masters in the field of Training and wrote my thesis on Coaching and have since reaped the rewards of working with an effective Trainer and Coach through putting my health and fitness in the hands of Sarah Doub.  
My husband and I partnered with Sarah for nutrition and fitness training and within 12 weeks we exceeded our weight loss goals, got in the best shape of our lives and created lasting healthy lifestyle habits for our entire family. 
Other trainers step back and watch you execute their program...Sarah stays engaged, never once lets anything less than reaching your goals be an option and helps you achieve beyond what you ever thought possible. Sarah has by far been one of the most influential and positive forces in my life.  I highly recommend her if you are looking to reach new heights in your health and fitness goals.                                                                                  Diane Love, M.Sc., CHRP

meet Heather & Amanda
Meet Diane

Every one of these stories   began with the choice to take just one step forward. 

You have the power to make that same choice. This is just a sample of the Make it Happen magic. 
Commit to that very first step, and watch your own story of success unfold.  

In our private training sessions, Sarah looked at my current physical status, discussed my goals, and then developed a training plan that would help me achieve them.  In addition to the work we put in at the gym, she developed a nutrition plan that complemented my training plan and a custom "homework" fitness plan for exercise days at home with limited equipment. Regular check-ins helped me gauge my progress and visualize my results.
After 6 months of private training, I lost 30 lbs, gained muscle mass and strength and felt better than I had in years.  My joints don't ache as much, my back isn't sore, I'm sleeping better, I don't crash mid-afternoons and my personal outlook is generally healthier and more positive. As I've reached my goals, I've established new ones. I'd like to lose another 30 lbs and take my physical fitness to the next level. I look forward to working with Sarah to Make It Happen!

Meet Costas & Susanne
"Sarah has by far been one of the most influential and positive forces in my life."

I've had private training sessions with Coach Sarah Doub, I regularly attend her group fitness classes, and tried every size group in between.  The level of Sarah's professionalism, high quality and attention to detail is unlike any I have experienced with a personal trainer in the past